Want to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing and the most effective ways to use generative AI such as GPT-4, DALL-E and Midjourney? Want to understand how AI can revolutionize the way you produce content and reach your target audience?

Aalho Media’s AI training in marketing and content production is designed especially for those who see the potential of digital transformation and want to harness the power of generative AI in their marketing.

AI is not just hype, but a real tool for today. It fits into almost any existing process, including:

  • eliminating the fear of the blank page
  • producing background material
  • automating tedious tasks
  • using time efficiently

Aalho Media offers AI training on existing AI applications and helps you understand how you can use AI in your future projects.

For you

”Oli kyllä aivan loistava esitys! Ja olet erittäin inspiroiva puhuja!”

”Oli kyllä aivan loistava esitys! Ja olet erittäin inspiroiva puhuja!”

Kuulijapalaute Aalho Median puheenvuorosta

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Aalho Median markkinoinnin koulutusten ja puheenvuorojen jälkeen sinulla ja tiimilläsi on nämä kolme asiaa: inspiraatio, käytännön ymmärrys ja selkeät seuraavat askeleet.

For you

Service description: the use of generative AI in marketing and content production

We specialize in training companies who want to stay at the forefront of digital marketing change. Our training courses include:

  • Fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its applications in marketing
  • Opportunities and threats of AI content production
  • Automating content production and process development with AI

Our training is not a general presentation on AI or its history, but specifically a training for marketers, showing practical applications that you can implement in your business immediately after the training.

Who is our marketing AI training courses suitable for?

AI is not just for big businesses. Aalho Media’s AI training is particularly suitable if:

  • you are a start-up company that needs to improve the efficiency of its use of resources
  • your industry is competitive and you need all the help you can get to succeed
  • you are curious about new technology and want new ideas from other professionals

What will it look like when AI training has paid off?

There are many benefits to using AI in marketing and content production. After the training, you’ll have the courage to experiment with and use generative AI and you’ll find:

  • You’ll be more creative and productive
  • Your content will become more dynamic and targeted.
  • Your marketing efforts will be more effective and deliver a better ROI.

AI training service packages

The price of AI training depends on the scope and content of the training. Contact Aalho Media and we can discuss together what kind of training course or workshop would best suit your needs. Possibilities include:

  • Tailored distance learning via Zoom (e.g. 3 hours)
  • Tailored live training including a practical workshop (2+2 h)