Want to grow, but only have a limited number of pairs of hands in your team? Do you want someone on your team who already knows what to do, but you don’t want to commit to hiring them?

Aalho Media’s freelance marketing service offers experienced marketing expertise to growth-minded companies and startups in Oulu. We understand the pitfalls of international marketing and startups, which makes us an ideal partner for growth-oriented companies in Oulu.

Service description: marketing freelancer for statups in Oulu

We are focused on helping growth companies in the Oulu region with their marketing challenges. Our services include:

  • Marketing freelancer tasks from content processes to vision clarification
  • Planning, implementation and analysis of campaigns

Who is our freelance marketing service a good fit for?

Aalho Media’s freelance service is for you if you understand that growth requires investment. And you want a partner who understands that you can’t make all the investments right away.

  • You want local expertise and experience
  • You need flexible marketing help
  • You want quality marketing communications to achieve your growth objectives

What does it look like when a marketing freelancer does what you want them to?

With the right freelancer, you can achieve significant marketing results. After a successful collaboration:

  • You have a marketing professional to help you solve problems
  • You’re on the right track for international growth
  • Your marketing budget will deliver a better ROI, and you’ll do more with less.

Marketing freelance service packages

Just because we’re freelance does not mean that our services are exceptionally cheap.

In fact, they are exceptionally valuable.

The price of a freelance marketing service depends on your business needs and the time invested in the project. Contact the Aalho Media team and let’s discuss how we can help your growth company succeed both nationally and internationally – from Oulu.