Looking for ways to improve your content marketing? Are you wondering whether your current content is working optimally for your target audience? Do you want to make sure your resources are allocated correctly and deliver the desired results?

Aalho Media’s content marketing audit service provides an in-depth review of your current situation and offers concrete suggestions for improvement. Our approach is to respect the expertise your team has: not to point the finger at anyone’s work, but to bring fresh perspective and energy to your team’s content marketing.

A content marketing audit is not just a cursory review, it is a holistic analysis that focuses on:

  • the effectiveness of content
  • analytics
  • conversion potential
  • enhancing content processes through generative artificial intelligence

Aalho Media’s expert will analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your content and suggest improvements.

Service description: content marketing audit for health tech companies

We specialize in content that converts and optimizing content processes for health tech companies. Our services include:

  • Evaluation and analysis of the current content strategy
  • Examining the quality, structure and relevance of content
  • User experience and content conversion rate analysis
  • Suggestions and recommendations for improvements

Who is our content marketing audit service for?

A content marketing audit is ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their content is effective and delivering the desired results. It is particularly useful if:

  • You want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current content strategy
  • You are looking for ways to improve your content marketing and achieve better results
  • You want to improve the conversion rate and user experience of your content

What does it look like when a content marketing audit has paid off?

Once the content marketing audit is done correctly and the recommendations are in place, you can expect:

  • A clearer and more effective content strategy that resonates with your target audience
  • Higher conversion rates and better user experience
  • Stronger visibility in search engines and more traffic to your website
  • Smoother content creation and management process

Content marketing audit service packages

The price of a content marketing audit depends on the scope of the project and the amount of content you currently have.

Contact the Aalho Media team to discuss how we can help you improve your content marketing.