Do you want your business to be found in search engines? Do you suspect that your website could be improved in terms of both technical implementation and content?

Aalho Media’s search engine optimization services are especially profitable when business is done online and by ranking well in search engines, traffic will at some point turn into euros.

Hakukoneoptimointi ei nimestään huolimatta ole julkaisun loppuvaiheessa tapahtuvaa pikkusäätämistä vaan kokonaisvaltainen suhtautumistapa julkaistaviin sisältöihin. Aalho Media hakukoneoptimoi jo olemassa olevia sisältöjä ja auttaa löytämään parhaat tavat varmistua siitä, että myös tulevat sisällöt löytyvät.

Service description: search engine optimization for health tech startups

We specialize in helping businesses that already have a website and commercial operations. Our services include:

  • Basic search engine optimization checks (indexing, technical SEO basics…)
  • Basic content revisions (navigation structure, metadata on main pages, page structure…)
  • Conversion-oriented search engine optimization (harnessing the most popular pages for sales)

Who is search engine optimization for?

Not all content should be search engine optimized. Only what you want to be found. Aalho Media’s search engine optimization is particularly suitable if:

  • your site is an MVP website, which has already generated sales but could be improved
  • your product or service is innovative and you are not sure what methods and keywords to use to make your site discoverable
  • your site already works for some keywords and content, but not for those with the highest conversion potential

What does it look like when search engine optimization is successful?

It’s worth getting the basics of search engine optimization right before getting too fancy. With search engine optimization in place, your pages will be fast, logical to use and users will find your solutions naturally.

Successful search engine optimization:

  • Existing pages and content will be ranked higher
  • Get a steady flow of traffic to your site, which you can try to convert through various means
  • There is a momentum in your marketing that continues even when you focus on different projects

Search engine optimization service packages

The cost of SEO depends on the project scope. Reach out to Aalho Media and let’s figure out the right scope for you.