Do you have a product or service that is so unique that its value cannot be conveyed in one or two words? Would you like to reach potential customers when they search for keywords related to your solution?

Aalho Media’s content production services are for startups and companies seeking strong international growth. Content production is particularly worthwhile when consumers also have the opportunity to convert on your website.

Service description: search engine optimized content creation for health tech startups

If no one reads your story, it doesn’t exist. The role of search engine optimisation will change with generative AI and generative search, but for a long time to come, there will be users for whom Google will be the source of truth. Especially in the field of health and wellness.

By responding to users’ searches and providing your own perspective, you have the opportunity to reach relevant audiences – for a long time and ultimately in a very cost-effective way.

Our services include:

  • In-house expert interviews
  • Keyword analysis and competitor overview
  • Text-based content production
  • Technology-driven content design

Who is search engine optimized content creation for?

Aalho Media’s content production is particularly suitable for technology-driven health tech companies with deep expertise in a subject that has not yet been thoroughly optimized for search engines.

You have a relevant solution to the problem. We have a knack for bringing visitors to your solution.

What does it look like when search engine optimized content production is successful?

With successful search engine optimized content creation, your marketing will have long-term efficiency that doesn’t stop when the team focuses on other things or your advertising budget runs out.


  • With a keyword related to your product, you can get organic visitors to a specific article every day, ranging from a few dozen or hundreds to thousands.
  • Since traffic is steady, you can start to optimize pages for conversion and collect newsletter subscribers, for example.
  • By producing content of real value, others will link to your website and your domain will gain authority

Content production service packages

The price of content production depends on the scope of the service package. For example, Aalho Media’s Health Tech Traction Articles include:

  • 1 search engine optimized content article
  • Expert interview (approx. 1 h)
  • Light keyword analysis and competitor overview
  • c. 600–1000 word article in Finnish or English
  • 1 round of comments
  • Delivery approx. 2–3 weeks after the expert interview

The price range for a single article on the subject of gravity is €1300–1600 + VAT 24% (if applicable).