Is a company podcast still worth it in 2022?


A company podcast does everything that good marketing does:

  • Serves customers
  • Showcases the company’s services and products
  • Brings out your humanity instead of the logo or brand colors
  • Has a good ROI

At its worst, a company podcast is all of this:

  • Laborious
  • Useless
  • Expensive (also in terms of opportunity costs)

Making a company podcast in practice

I’ve produced two podcasts: the Kertojan ääni literary podcast since 2016 and the Nyt kun kysyit podcast for one season. The NKK podcast is more like a traditional company podcast, although the literature podcast is the more successful one.

Compared to traditional image and text-based content, producing a podcast is a lot more work. This is because you need extra equipment (either by renting or buying) and extra know-how (either by buying with money or time). 

Then, when the process is in order, making one piece of content (even an episode) is not terribly different in terms of time than, for example, making a long article.

Compared to videos, making a podcast is usually easier. However, if you add a video dimension to the corporate podcast, the complexity of the project is multiplied again.

This is how long it can take to make one episode (of course, your mileage may vary).

  • Session planning: 1 h
  • Guest booking and project management: 1.5 h
  • Recording preparation: 0.5 h
  • Recording 1 h
  • Editing: 1 h
  • Distribution preparation with metadata: 1.5 h
  • Distribution (for example to social media): 1 h

The publication of one content piece can therefore require, for example, 7.5 hours of uninterrupted work. When you add the friction coefficient of your own organization (how difficult it is to get things done), the end result can be, for example, that the workload of one business podcast episode is 2 days.

When can a corporate podcast work?

In my opinion, a company podcast works best when these conditions are met:

  • Someone is interested in the topic of your podcast
  • The topic is suitable for audio consumption
  • Internally, your company has both a host and an expert (can be the same person)

If, on the other hand, your company has the budget to outsource everything related to making a company podcast, then it’s just a question of budget allocation. You can certainly find good creators wherever you are. If you need insight and practical examples of how the process should be organized, contact Aalho Media.

When can a business podcast be worth it?

The easy golden age of podcasts is over. You no longer get on the charts just because you exist.

All companies already have a podcast and making a podcast is work just like any other marketing activity. If your team has the creators, the inner fire and know-how to make a company podcast, your own company podcast can still be worthwhile.

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