Best logos of 2023 and logo design trends


We looked into the future and got our hands on the logo revamps of 12 large companies for the year 2023. The companies featured are mainly global companies.

The logo trend remains the same as in the early 2020s: the emphasis is on authenticity and standing out from the competition.

The logo tells more than just the name of the company. In 2023, brand identities are told mainly with the Color of the Decade: Pearl.

Best Logos of 2023: A Collection

The ultimate choice was difficult because all the logos were good in their own way. However, these five logos stood out from the crowd. In their design, the agencies had succeeded in stripping the irrelevant and condensing the essential.

1. Samsung

Samsung’s 2023 logo redesign is both strong and delicate. The background color of the logo is one of the trend colors of the 2020s, i.e. Dark Pearl.

2. BMW

The traditional automotive industry is facing challenges. The winners need to stand out and condense their value proposition so that both car and survival enthusiasts get excited about it.

The BMW 2023 logo handles a difficult task with merit. The company relies on natural colors ​​in its design choices. The color used in the background of the logo is the trendy Muted Coral.

3. Kone

The list of the most beautiful logo reforms in 2023 also includes Finnish companies that stand out. The transportation company Kone’s logo is based on Finnish minimalism and communicates calm reliability.

The color scheme of Polished Steel strongly grounds the visual identity to something that lasts more than a quarter.

4. Facebook

Facebook’s new look exudes resilience. The initial in lower case reflects their playful approach to important things in life. The new look is a natural continuation of longer-term development and is a culmination of long-term brand work.

The new Facebook look with a color theme of Gunmetal Fingerprint has been created exclusively for this brand.

5. Google

Fifth place in the list goes to Google, whose parent company Alphabet owns the world. The new look skillfully combines the themes of curiosity and discovery with the respectful prerogatives of the privacy conversation. The look is also clearly different from the logos of other social media players.

Honorable Mentions: Other 2023 Logo Renewals

According to information received in our earpiece, these brands will renew their logos in 2023. In addition to an abundance, if not overabundance, of color, brands are clearly finding their own voice in a crowded marketplace.

Do you represent the law firms of these companies? Reach out to and we can perhaps design a new logo for your law firm in the hottest color of the year: Justice Gray.

Looking for a new identity for your business? Good luck on your journey.

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