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Markkinointiperuna is a marketing podcast for global game-changers. Stay ahead, get inspired and expand on the essentials. Hosted by Aalho Media’s Jukka Aalho. New episodes every second Tuesday.

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The Markkinointiperuna podcast

Markkinointiperuna is an Oulu-based Finnish marketing podcast started in 2023. Our episodes focus on the challenges and opportunities of globally growing startups and growth companies.

We are part of Aalho Media.

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Host of the Kertojan ääni podcast Jukka Aalho

Jukka Aalho


Jukka Aalho is a marketing professional from Oulu, Finland, who has made his career making sticks into hockey sticks.

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Are you a marketing professional with a way with words? We’d love to have you as a guest on Markkinointiperuna.

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Milloin Markkinointiperuna alkoi ja miksi?

The podcast started in November 2023. Our mission is to help companies grow and prosper through story-driven marketing.

Kuinka usein podcastia julkaistaan?

New episodes are published every second Tuesday.

Missä Markkinointiperunaa voi kuunnella?

You can find us wherever you get your podcasts. Search for ‘Markkinointiperuna’ in your app and you will find us.

Voinko antaa ideoita tai palautetta?

Absolutely! Please send an email to

Yritykseni haluaa tavoittaa kansainvälisestä markkinoinnista kiinnostuneita, voimmeko tehdä yhteistyötä?

Absolutely! Cooperation with Markkinointiperuna can be, for example:

  • A sponsored episode
  • Newsletter advertisement
  • Guest article

Minulla on yleisöäsi kiinnostava tarina, pääsenkö vieraaksi?

We are always looking for interesting guests from different areas of international marketing. We do not pay a commission to guests.

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